Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's the 100th Day Y'all!

Today was our 100th Day of School!! I had to share our 100th Day idea! Our Kinder team does a 100th Day Carnival! This is our 2nd year of doing a carnival and after the huge success of last year it will be an annual event!

So I bet you are wondering... what is the 100th Day Carnival all about?

We block off the Kinder hallway for 2 hours for our Carnival. (We are lucky enough to all be on the same hallway.) Each teacher has 3 math related games for students to play. Each child gets a 100s chart. (I put a string on mine for students to wear around their neck.) Each game is worth 5 spaces on the 100s chart (kind of like tickets.) When students visit the booths they have to color in 5 squares on the 100s chart. We have crayons/markers at each booth/station for them to color in their hundreds chart. We have parent volunteers that run the booths so that teachers can circulate in the hallway to help with behavior and to keep booths moving.

Games include:
*Face painting- 100s of course
*Fishing for numbers
*Duck Pond (adding numbers together)
*Cookie Walk (like a cake walk)
*Estimation Station (students estimate candy in jars- pick winner at end)
*Hula hoop to 100
*Dance to 100 rap
*Pin the buttons on the Snowman
*Ring Toss
...and this year we added a POPCORN MACHINE!!! :) (We had 2 great dad's that did an AwEsOmE job running it!!)

I forgot my camera today, so I used my iPhone to take some pictures. They are not that great, but you get the idea! :)

*Fishing for numbers*

*Pin the buttons on the snowman*

*Duck Pond*


*Estimation Station*

*Popcorn Station*

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Great Idea- Mystery Walker Hallway Game

I am SO going to start this ASAP! My students have been forgetting the hallway rules and expectations. This puts a fun spin on remembering those!

Here's how it works:

• Before leaving the classroom, I state the expectations (standing in line quietly and with hands to yourself) and how to play the game (that follows).
• Secretly choose one (or possibly more) students to be the Mystery Walker(s). I use popsicle sticks if the class uses them, otherwise I just have a couple of students in mind. The key here is "secret." You don't say who the students are, hence the mystery part.
• Line the students up, start walking, and watch behavior. Make sure you look like you are watching everyone, but you are especially watching the mystery walker(s).
• When you reach your destination (or get back to the classroom), you announce who the Mystery Walker was and if they met the expectations or not. If they did, I let them choose from my treasure box (or they can earn some other reward of your choice). If they did not meet expectations, I say, "The Mystery Walker didn't follow the rules. They need to try harder next time." Be careful to make sure the Mystery Walker earned the prize before rewarding it, or you will lose your credibility with the students.
• Another thing I do is to occasionally remind students as they are walking that I am looking to make sure the Mystery Walker is meeting expectations. That usually straightens everyone up.

This came from Rachel at Sub Hub! Check out her blog by clicking the link below!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A day in my life.... {PhEw}

I am attending a LiNkY PaRtY! A day in my shoes.....

This is what my Monday looks like:

5:00a.m.- My alarm goes off, but I always hit snooze for 10 minutes. :)

5:10a.m.- Finally make myself get out of bed and get in the shower.

6:00a.m- Make sure Mason's diaper bag is packed for Daddy. 
6:15a.m.-Pack the car and head to school!

6:30a.m.- Arrive at school- work on getting things ready for the day
7:20a.m.- Bell rings for kiddos to come

7:30a.m.- Breakfast Buddies to cafe with Para. 
7:40a.m.- Health M Powers exercises 
7:45a.m.- Bell rings again for beginning of the day. Announcements begin on TV

8:00a.m.- Bathroom and DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

8:15-8:55a.m.- SPECIALS

8:55-9:40a.m.- Writer's Workshop

9:40-9:45a.m.- Bathroom 

9:45-10:50a.m.- Math Workshop- Calendar First

10:53-11:23a.m.- LUNCH (and I call my hubby to talk and catch up on our day)

11:23-11:35a.m.- Finish/Close Math Workshop

11:35a.m.-12:50p.m.- Reading Workshop

12:50-1:10p.m.- Science/SS

1:10-1:15- SNACK
1:15-1:35- Recess
1:35-2:15- RTI/Quiet Time

2:15-2:25- Pack up and Dismiss

2:25-3:30- Planning, meetings, etc.  I usually try to leave between 3:30 and 3:45.

3:30-4:00- Picking up my little guy and heading home

4:00-9:00- Play time, dinner, laundry, dishes, cleaning, lesson plans, bed time, etc

10:00- Hit the bed to do it all over again!

New File on TpT

I just posted a NEW file to my TpT store!!! {WoOt!!}  It has 3 great Math centers (or tubs). All you need to do is download it, print it out, and laminate it!  The 3 games are:

#1 What Comes Next? (sequencing numbers)

#2 Ten frames activity (building numbers)

#3 Number roll (Roll, Find, Stamp) 

You can click on the image below to go straight to the file!  I hope you enjoy it! I know my Kinders are going to have fun with them!