Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Holiday fun- 2 weeks in 1 post!

I have been super busy lately and have not had time to post! So as I am sitting in the doctor's office I figured there was no better time! 

We have learned with gingerbread, elves, the Polar Express, Santa, Christmas Around the World, etc. All of these things make learning our Kindergarten standards so much fun!

 We read the three books: The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Girl, and The Gingerbread Boy. We compared all 3 stories by the characters, the refrain, and the ending of the stories. We worked together to sequence the events from The Gingerbread Man using a Flow Map!
In writing we pretended we were the Gingerbread Man and wrote what we would run away from. One of our parent gifts was making gingerbread cinnamon dough ornaments! We did this as we were working on our writings. We watched Mrs. Edwards mix up the cinnamon dough! 

We were able to watch the 1st graders perform their Beary Merry Holiday musical! They did so good!

In Math we worked on comparing numbers the last few weeks- both numbers and amounts. We practiced using the vocabulary words of more, less, and equal to. In the game below students had a number mat and bears. They dropped their bear and read what number it landed on. They then compared the 2 numbers and practiced using the vocabulary words.

During these 2 weeks in Social Studies we looked at Christmas Around the World. We received a suitcase, a boarding pass, and a passport! 
We colored in the country we visited on the suitcase and wrote the name name of the country or continent on the back of the passport! 

For the United States we discussed Santa, the Nativity, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.

We made Santa to decorate our room.

We wrote letters to Santa in writing.

We made Menorahs.

We learned about Christmas in Mexico.
We made poinsettias and wrote about it
in writing!

We learned that in France they put out wooden sabots (shoes) for treats and goodies.

In Germany we learned they make gingerbread men. So we colored and decorated a gingerbread man!

In England we learned the send Christmas cards so we made cards for our parent gift bags!

Teachers and staff and some fun dress up days! One day was Grinch day and we could even wear Whohair! Left to right is Ms. Deal, Mrs. Edwards, and Ms. Rivera.

Our kindergarten team all dressed up! 

One day in writing we "elfed" the kids and gave them elf names! They then wrote about theirself as an elf! Their writings were AWESOME!!

We read the book Santa Got Stuck. After reading it we thought about and wrote what we would do if Santa was stuck in our chimney!

One day was Polar Express day. Students wore their pajamas and slippers to school. 

Kindergarten teachers decorated the library and library entrance like the North Pole.

We had a surprise package straight from the North Pole! It was even ice cold!! BRRR! The package included a letter from Santa, Polar Express tickets, and a bell for each child.

Students received their tickets to board the "train" in the library. Our assistant superintendent, Dr. Ken Greene, came dressed as the conductor to read to us!
He punched our tickets as we went in.

We sequenced the story with picture cards and then drew our own picture with a group to sequence beginning, middle, and end. We also wrote about what we would want as the first gift of Christmas.

On the last day we had our book exchange and class party! Thank you for sending in new, unused books!

We sang Up on The Housetop, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas for our parents and visitors.

We decorated sugar cones like Christmas tree with green frosting and added candies and sprinkles for ornaments.