Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Time's A Coming...

In Writing...
This week in writing we worked on using finger spaces between words, beginning sentences with uppercase letters, and using punctuation at the end of sentences.

We collaborated as a class to create a tree map about reindeer. 
We used their tree map to write about reindeer. The pictures were SO cute!!

Another day we dressed as Rudolph to write from Rudolph's perspective.

We were also able to watch Santa's reindeer!! Click the link below to watch yourself!!
Reindeer Cam

In Math...
We worked with more and less. We worked with counting a group of objects 11-20. We first estimated how many we thought there were and then counted to see how many to check our estimate. We then compared our estimate to the actual number and discussed with our partner if the amount was more, less, or equal to our estimate.

In Social Studies...
We worked with finding good character traits in books. Some of the good character traits we talked about were respect, kindness, honesty, trustworthy, patience, cooperative, team player. One day we read the book Swimmy by Leo Leioni and discussed working together, cooperative, and patience. We discussed how the fish in the book worked together. We practiced cooperation (and patience) by working with a partner to stand up with our arms locked together. We found out we really had to work together!

Beginning next week we will begin looking at many Christmas traditions around the world. On Friday, we kick started this because December 6th was St. Nicholas Day. We learned that children put their shoes out for St. Nick to leave small treats in. Several countries in Europe participate in this tradition. It is always on December 6th. So, of course we had to leave our shoes out to see if he would stop by BES! 

He did!! We were so excited! He brought us candy canes and smarties!!


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