Monday, September 9, 2013


I have started using SymbalooEDU and LOVE it!! It is such a great way to organize your online teaching resources all in one place! It is so much easier to pull up this 1 website than have 5 different websites open on my browser! It is SUPER easy to use!

This PicStitch shows what the home screen looks like on your computer. It has "tiles" that you link to different websites, videos, etc.

This PicStitch shows what it looks like from an iPhone or iPad app.

You can create different "webmixes." I have a color song webmix, Nat Geo webmix, counting webmix, classroom routines webmix, etc. You can share webmixes and search other webmixes other teachers have created! 

Check it out and have FUN!! 


MNicoleM said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Katie Edwards said...

:) It saves me a lot of time and keeps my computer from getting bogged down!

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