Friday, October 11, 2013

All Wrapped Up in Learning!

Our door completely sums up our week! We have learned so much! 

We started out the week with Scarecrows! 

We read a fiction book and a non-fiction book about scarecrows. We compared the 2 books discussing similarities and differences. (Of course we loved the props that came in our story bag from the media center!)

We created a circle map and wrote an informational piece about scarecrows.

We made text-to-self connections by pretending we were scarecrows and decided what we would scare. Students participated in a directed drawing of a scarecrow and then colored it! They turned out SO cute!! Their drawings have come such a long way!

Next, we started learning about SPIDERS!! Oh my! We learned Mrs. Edwards doesn't like spiders!! :) We read a fact book and a fiction book about spiders.
We answered comprehension questions about the books and then compared them. Did you know a spider is not an insect? It's an arachnid!! We collaborated as a class to create a tree map and then used the information to write informational pieces about spiders.

We worked with new vocabulary words that were in our story- Spinning Spiders

Last, we sang a poem to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot" titled "I'm a Little Spider" and made spider hats!

Phew, are you tired yet!? We also learned about Christipher Columbus! 

We learned he was an explorer! We read books about him, watched a short video clip about him, created a circle map about him and made these ships! 

...and now to enjoy FALL BREAK!!! 


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