Monday, May 12, 2014

Kindergarten University

Last week our Kindergarten team had our first annual Kindergarten University! Now you may be asking yourself "What is Kindergarten University?!?" Kindergarten University is a time for upcoming Kindergartners and their families to learn more about Kindergarten!  

Here is a break down of the night! 
We began at 6:00 PM with a welcome and introduction by our principal, Mrs. Reid, and our assistant principal, Ms. Wages. At 6:15 we dismissed to 4 Kindergarten classrooms. Parents stayed in each room for about 15 minutes before rotating to a new room. In each classroom, we had different readiness activities. 

In one room we had sight words where parents received a list of our kindergarten sight words. They were given ideas to practice sight words at home with their child. They were able also to make one of those activities to take with them. They put hair gel in Ziploc baggies with food coloring. When placed on a flat surface they could write their sight words in it. 

In another room, families learned about math in Kindergarten! They made a game where students matched number words and amounts to numerals and put them in order.

In a third room, students and parents learned more about letters, letter sounds, and what to do if their child already knows letters and sounds (begin blending!) Families received a list of some activities to practice at home this summer. Practice can be fun! Students received a small jar of Play-Doh and pipe cleaners to practice making letters and words.

Our final room was "The Nitty-Gritty about Kindergarten". We talked to the parents about the Kindergarten standards and what their child should know coming to Kindergarten and what they have to know by the end of Kindergarten. (Hopefully this summer they will take a little bit of time to work with their child on a few things.) We discussed the importance of being independent in Kindergarten. We also talked about some things that are important at our school like attendance and arriving to school on time. While we talked to Moms and Dads student could color a coloring sheet that said "Welcome to Kindergarten!"

As parents and our future STARS were leaving they received a book from Mrs. Reid and Ms. Wages to encourage them to read over the summer. Mrs. Reid chose 
Kindergarten Rocks by Katie Davis.

Our Kindergarten team and administration had so much fun meeting our future BES Kindergarten STARS and their families!


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