Saturday, September 20, 2014

KinderLand in Action!

This week in math we looked at and practiced the number 6 (Make a “C” and then in you go, Now you’ve made a 6 you know!) We began our counting with friends unit. 

We practiced counting squares in counting bags with a partner. We discussed the best ways to count. We found out it makes it easier to count if we organize our objects as we count them. We also learned it is important to go back and check ourselves! We had our first story problem of the week on Friday! We were great Mathematicians Our problem was: Austin has 3 pieces of candy. Logan gave him 1 more. How many pieces of candy does Austin have now?  We choose a few friends to share with us the strategy they used to solve the problem. 

We also started new math tubs this week!

Making numbers with playdoh.

Playing memory- matching numerals to amounts.

Tracing numbers.

Counting jars- We each have our own counting jar. We count how many objects there are, write down the number we counted, and show that number on our paper.

Counting dots: Students choose a number and count out that many cubes.

Roll, count, trace: Students roll a dice, count how may dots the dice landed on, and trace the corresponding numeral.

Counting dots on 10 frames and matching numerals.

Pattern block puzzles.

In Daily 5 Reading time, we continued practicing identifying beginning sounds with our letters of the week (Qq, Uu, Zz, and Yy) We practiced rhyming words and identifying words that rhymed. We learned the CAFÉ strategy of identifying characters and setting in stories. We read: The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully, and Corduroy.  

In Writing, we finished up our narrative books. We chose a story that was from our heart to write about. Mrs. Edwards will be sharing them at conferences in October! 

In Science, we looked at the physical properties of objects. We looked at what things are made of- paper, wood, plastic, metal. We did an experiment with objects to see if they sink or float. We learned to make a hypothesis and test it!


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