Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dr. Seuss, Decomposing numbers, and Soil

To start off our Dr. Seuss week we learned a little about Dr. Seuss! We found out his name was really Theodor Seuss Geisel!

We read The Cat in the Hat and made our own hats! 

Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Edwards celebrating Dr. Seuss week- Cat in the hat style!

While we read The Cat in the Hat we made inferences about the fish. We make inferences (conclusions) by using what we already know, plus the story pictures and words. 

On Tuesday, we read Fox in Socks listening for rhyming words! The silly fox used a lot of them in the story! We wore silly socks as our theme!

On Wednesday, we read Wacky Wednesday! In the book there are all kinds of strange and wacky things happening. So, we got wacky too by wearing wacky outfits! 

On Thursday, Mrs. Strickland (a retired principal/educator from Barrow County) came and read some books to us! We loved it; she is very animated!

On Friday, we could dress as our favorite Seuss characters. Some of our kindergarten team dressed as the animal from Put Me in the Zoo! At lunch, we all changed our spots! The kids immediately caught that we had changed and asked why so we read the book!

Mrs. Reid read to us on Friday too! She read Oh the Places You'll Go! We know we are going places!! Class of 2026!

In math we have been decomposing numbers through 10. Decompose means to break apart. 

I gave them the number 8 and we came up with all the number sentences for what would equal 8. Then, we chose one of the number sentences to create a story problem with. 

Afterwards, students received a number to practice decomposing independently. 

In science, we learned about soil! We read this book to start us off thinking about soil.

After reading it we looked at our vocabulary word SOIL and illustrated it.
We later wrote a definition on the bottom.

We were able to make observations about the soil at our school. We went and dug 3 samples of dirt-
1 for each table.

After we came back to the classroom we used magnifying glasses to observe the soil. 

We wrote and drew pictures about our observations.


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